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Not Again

If you read my recap or notes from the Edmonton game, you might recall I pointed out the Jordan Leopold missed the last 9 minutes of the game and that I wondered if it was due to injury or coaches decision. Looks like it's the former:

Avalanche defenseman Jordan Leopold has flown back to Denver because of a hand injury suffered in the second period of Tuesday night's game at Edmonton while the team continues its road trip. Team officials said they do not know how much time Leopold will miss.

Not that he's been at all worth having in the lineup, but still. This is the 5th SEPERATE injury that Leopold has missed time with since joining the Avalanche just about 16 months ago. That's not a guy I'd want to be sharing an airplane ride with.

Note also in that same article that Milan Hejduk might play in Calgary tomorrow. This bit of good news is tempered just one sentence later: Jose Theodore is going to start the game. *sigh*