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Around The Northwest Division, October 28

Edmonton (4-7-0) VS Anaheim (4-7-1)
The Oilers continue to struggle, and are last in the division for goals scored (26) and worst in goals scored against (38).  But Anaheim, the big, bad Stanley Cup champions, are still not the same without Teemu Selanne and Scott Niedermayer.  They've scored one less goal than Edmonton.  Since the Oilers are so far back, and I hate Anaheim GM Brian Burke, I'm pulling for the Lowe Tide tonight.
[Final score: Edmonton 3, Anaheim 2 (SO)]

Detroit (8-2-1) VS Vancouver (5-6-0)
Roberto Luongo is a cyborg, but a cyborg who needs goal support.  He's not getting it when he needs it this season, and the Canucks are suffering for it.  Detroit leads the Western Conference in goals scored and is doing everything right---as usual.  Screw them.  Go 'Nucks!
[Final score: Detroit 3, Vancouver 2]