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Around The Northwest Division, October 30

Pittsburgh (5-4-1) VS Minnesota (7-2-2)
Sidney Crosby's underachieving young troops begin their tour of the Northwest tonight against the Wild.  While I can't actively root for Minnesota, I can hope that the game makes the Penguins really, really, really tired.  They play the Avs on Thursday.
[Final score: Pittsburgh 4, Minnesota 2]

Nashville (4-6-0) VS Calgary (5-3-3)
Both of these teams suck and I hate them.  I'm rooting for a massive power outage at the Saddledome.  It might just happen, considering the Flames just blew all their utility money on Kipper's huge contract extension.
[Final score: Calgary 5, Nashville 1]

Detroit (9-2-1) VS Edmonton (5-7-0)
The Oilers probably don't have a chance in hell against the onslaught that is the Detroit Red Wings.  In fact, I'd be surprised if the final score isn't something like 8-1 (with 56 shots on goal by the Wings).  But hey, there's always a slim chance Henrik "Hart Trophy" Zetterberg could spontaneously combust on the ice or something like that.
[Final score: Detroit 2, Edmonton 1]