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The Duke Doesn't Know Squat

Buried at the bottom of this piece by Adrian Dater about how Wojtek Wolski doesn't suck anymore is a small blurb about Milan Hejduk's imminent return to the Avalanche lineup on Thursday against the Penguins.

Hejduk hurt his back doing squats in the weight room. After nearly 10 days of rest, the pain subsided and he should be back on the Avs' second line, centered by Paul Stastny, for the game against the Penguins.

I've done a few squat presses in my day, and I know very well how important it is to follow proper form.  If you're the least bit off-balance and/or not properly aligned, you can do some serious damage.  The more weight you squat, the more dangerous the exercise can be, obviously.  

At 6-0, 190, and with similar athletic experience, a guy like Milan Hejduk can probably squat 250-300 pounds pretty easily.  But if the back is not aligned correctly or the bar is positioned poorly, a serious injury is almost a given.  Hopefully the extended rest period is enough for Hejduk to regain his impressive form from earlier in the season.  He was looking pretty sharp---and so was Paul Stastny, who looks like a little lost child out on the ice without Hejduk on his wing.

So, remember kids, proper form prevents injury---don't end up like The Duke.