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Game 2: Avalanche At Predators, Preview and Open Thread

The Avalanche take on the Predators tonight in Nashville's home opener at the Sommet Center.  In fact, this could be the last home opener in Nashville, ever.  Only time will tell, but I'd be willing to bet that Kansas City has an NHL team with a name that rhymes with "creditors" this time next season.

Anyway, the Avalanche cruise into Music City on a golden chariot driven by Paul, Son Of Stastny, after he almost single-handedly defeated the Dallas Stars last night with his first career hat trick.  The Avalanche offense is running on overdrive as always, and the defense is solid at even strength.  Now if they could just fix that pesky PK unit, they'd be in great shape.

The Predators finished the pre-season with a record of 3-2-1, and will likely struggle this season to maintain their usual race against division rival Detroit.  The Predators' ownership jettisoned most of the talent over the off-season in a failed bid to move the franchise to Hamilton, Ontario.  Now they're stuck in Nashville (for now) with higher ticket prices, a weaker team and no finalized sale.  Lame.

ESPN game preview.

I'll be at this game tonight, so I won't be around to keep the thread going.  I'm counting on you, Dear Reader, to post early and post often, and keep the running conversation alive.  I'll have a full game report in the morning, so look forward to that.  Go Avs!