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Around The Northwest Division, November 1

Lots of excitement tonight.

Detroit (10-2-1) VS Calgary (6-3-3)
Could this matchup be any more detestable?  My two least favorite teams in the entire NHL.  I hope a dimensional rift opens up in the middle of the ice in the Saddledome and both teams are swallowed up, then transported (safely, of course) to an alternate universe from which they can never return.
[Final score: Detroit 4, Calgary 1]

St. Louis (6-4-0) VS Minnesota (7-3-2)
I always liked Paul Kariya.  Even though he was mostly useless during the brief period he spent in an Avalanche jersey, I don't hold any hard feelings.  I hope he and the Blue Notes keep the Wild immersed in a growing losing streak.
[Final score: St. Louis 3, Minnesota 2]

Nashville (4-7-0) VS Vancouver (5-7-0)
If I had to "like" any other team in the Northwest, it would be Vancouver.  Even though they botched their new RBK jerseys, they did pick the right color scheme.  They've got that going for them.  The bad news is, if they win they'll only be two points behind the Avs, so I hope Nashville somehow wins this one.
[Final score: Nashville 3, Vancouver 0]