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Son Of Stastny Gains Attention

Last season, people acted like Avalanche fans were crazy for suggesting that Paul Stastny might be a more-deserving candidate for the Calder Trophy than either of the other nominees.  He had a 20-game points-scoring streak, the longest in history for a rookie.  He scored 78 points in the stifling offensive quagmire of the Western Conference, on a team that missed the playoffs.  He had already lost two front teeth and wasn't even 21 yet.

"Who's Paul Stastny?" was the typical retort.  With all the hype surrounding a continuously over-hyped Pittsburgh Penguins team, Stastny finished distant second to Evgeni Malkin.

Well, now the hockey world is starting to notice this Stastny kid.  On Tuesday, the Sporting News ran a story comparing Paul to his Hall of Fame father and hero of the Colorado franchise, Peter Stastny.

Jim Jamieson of The Province posted a piece on young Stastny's continued development as a star player into this, his sophomore season.  No jinx for Son Of Stastny.

Kevin Greenstein at the New York Sun posted a piece today establishing Paul as the heir to the Quebec/Colorado offensive leadership crown, following current captain Joe Sakic, who followed Paul's dad Peter.  Seems a lot like the US presidency to me---but I doubt Super Joe's wife will lead the team in points when Son of Stastny's near retirement.

Finally, Barry Melrose Rocks is the caboose of the Paul Stastny Love Train with a post called "All Your Universe Are Belong To Paul Stastny."

From henceforth let it be known that all of Earth will bow to the mighty Stastny. A new day is upon you earthlings, and your destruction will be swift and merciless. Not even Battlestar Galactica can save you now!

So true, so true.