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Recap: Stars 6, Avalanche 1

I just need one sentence for it tonight: This was a terrible, terrible game.


Avalanche fans who like punishment can enjoy the notes here


The report is up. Obviously, the lines changed around a lot as the game went on. At times in the third, Quenneville threw stuff like Hlinka at right wing on the Stastny line, Hejduk on the Sakic line, Parker on the Arnason line, and Smyth on the pine line. The Avs' lone goal was a combination of Brunette (1st line), Arnason (3rd line) and Hlinka (4th line).



  • 3 of Jaroslav Hlinka's 4 points have come against the Stars.

  • If you ever needed proof that "giveaways" is a joke of a stat: Officially, the Stars had more giveaways (8) than the Avalanche (6). Unofficially, there were players for Colorado who had more than 6. Maybe the stat means something else entirely - Wolski and Hannan, giveaway machines all night long, each had zero.

  • Avalanche defensemen had 15 blocked shots.


The Avs visit the 2nd place Minnesota Wild on Sunday. The Wild are playing tonight and, like the Avs, are getting blown out tonight.


I'm assuming MHH and AvsTalk will have recaps up tomorrow. They might even be longer than one sentence.