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No Bryzgalov For The Avalanche


Despite some fans' wishes, Ilya Bryzgalov (he of keen fashion sense) will not be putting on an Avalanche jersey any time soon.  After being placed on waivers by the Ducks, the Phoenix Coyotes won the sweepstakes and were able to claim him.  Poor Bryzgalov now moves from a Cup-winning team to a basement-dwelling team.  Such is life.

At any rate, Peter Budaj will probably be working his way back into the sole starting role for the Avalanche over the next few games, especially if Jose Theodore's next start goes as horribly awry as the one last night.  Good lord.

And let's not kid ourselves---Budaj is the future of the franchise when it comes to netminders, and Theodore will not be back next season.

UPDATE: Bryz's first game with the Coyotes went pretty well.  He stopped all 28 shots he faced and led his new team to a 1-0 shutout win over the Kings.  Not too shabby.