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Not Wild about Center Ice today

Today is a huge divisional matchup between the Colorado Avalanche and Minnesota Wild. The winner will be guaranteed at least a share of first place. Both teams are coming off of blowout losses on Friday. And, while many people don't like the Wild's defensive game, I usually find the Colorado / Minnesota games to be among the most exciting Avalanche games to watch.

Apparently, I won't be watching. I've checked a few times, and the game cannot be found anywhere on my Center Ice menu. Thanks guys! Who wanted to watch such a dull, meaningless game anyway.

Assuming this ridiculously stupid issue doesn't get resolved (I sent an email to DirecTV, so I should have an answer sometime in 2011), there won't be any game notes tonight, although I will probably still grumble through a recap tomorrow morning.

I suppose this is a good place to throw out a few additional programming notes. I'll be out of town for the following two games - Tuesday against the Flames and Thanksgiving against the Oilers. There won't be any notes or recaps for either of the games (sadly, I won't get to watch those either). I should be back in action next Saturday. Unless Center Ice doesn't feel like showing that one either.