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Game 19: Wild 4, Avalanche 1

photo courtesy of Paul Battaglia/AP

I'll spare everyone a frustration-fueled game recap and just let Joe Sakic do the talking for me, via Terry Frei's game recap at the Denver Post:

"We haven't been playing with the same jump. ... For us the last couple of games, it's been very sluggish. We gotta get that jump back for the next game. The biggest thing is we're a skating team, and when we're not skating, we're not too effective."

Keen observation from Super Joe, even though he hasn't looked very super out there for at least ten games or so.  I hope this isn't a sign that he's finally running out of steam after so many excellent years.  But, that's not worth worrying about right now, so I'll drop it.

On a side note, there was one interesting little bit in Frei's article that I'm convinced was directed at me personally:

At this point of the season, there's no such thing as a monumental game, but the Northwest Division lead was on the line, and the Wild was back on top, with a one-point lead, when the final horn sounded.

No way, Terry, last night's game was a must-win!  A MUST-WIN!!

At any rate, the Post's recap and the AP recap here are all that really needs to be said about last night's horrible game.  I'll spare everyone my own hot air this time.

The Avalanche will play it's third straight road game (of four) on Tuesday at Calgary.  The Flame-Outs got beat by the Canucks last night in a fashion similar to the Avalanche, 4-1.  I assume Colorado will be highly motivated to reverse course and start winning again, but you can never be too sure, at least when the Avs are on the road.

Stars of the Game:

  1. Brent Burns (1g, 0a)
  1. Josh Harding (27sv, .964)
  1. Matt Foy (1g, 1a)