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An Open Letter To Super Joe

Dear Super Joe,

First of all, let me say that you're my hero.  You're every Avalanche fan's hero, and you've been our hero for two decades.  You're the greatest player to wear the Burgundy and Blue and there's no greater team captain in all of hockey.  You've won two Cups, scored 1600 points and been the consistent face of a franchise that's seen a lot of change during your tenure.

You're the best, Joe.

I write to you today because the Avalanche, your team, aren't the best.  In fact, you guys have been playing like crap.  In two straight road losses, you've been outscored 2-10, and though you already know that and don't need me to tell you, I think it's important to mention.  

You guys got off to a superb start, and are still five points better than at the same time last year, but unless your play on the road improves...well, you just might be playing golf in May instead of hockey (again).  

Joe, I know you really don't need me to tell you this, but you're not getting any younger.  You scored 100 points last season at 37, but there's no way you can do that every year, even if your name rhymes with "Larry Ponds."  You've said you'll only take one-year contracts because you don't want to play longer than you're truly able.  Well, I know you also don't need me to tell you this, either, but you've really been showing your age the last few games, and you look like you've lost the spring in your step.  Your legendary wrist shot doesn't pop like it used to.

I don't know what's wrong with you or the team, but you've got to get things going again.  Last season you went on a 15-2-2 tear with half the talent the team has this season.  There's no reason the Avalanche isn't crushing every opponent that comes its way.  Sure, you're winning at home, but half the games in a season are on the road, and you can't keep losing seven for every two that you win.  

Joe, you're the team captain, and our captain.  We count on you to lead the Avalanche to greatness every year, and we know that you'll always do the most you can.  It's still early, but now is the time to rally the troops, energize the lines, and beat every lousy opponent you face, every single game.  No excuses.  This is the best Avalanche team since the Lockout and they deserve no less than the Stanley Cup.

Super Joe, this could be your last chance to reclaim what's rightfully yours: Lord Stanley's Cup.  We all know this team is capable of being the best, so go out there and make it happen.  We all believe in you, and, for what it's worth, we've got your back.

Yours truly,
Mile High Hockey