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The Mile High Hockey Team Expands

I'm excited to announce that the "staff" of Mile High Hockey is increasing from two annoying jerks to three.  We're adding a long-time site member to the official roster of contributors, starting immediately.

Mike Thompson, formerly known as Mike at BBnR, has agreed to join the site as a regular contributor.  His new moniker is Mike at MHH.  

In addition to his experience hockey blogging at Bleu Blanc et Rouge, and his frequent commenting here, Mike plays amateur hockey as a goaltender.  His first-hand knowledge of the position will no doubt inspire insightful posts about the plights of Peter Budaj and Jose Theodore, as well as other defensive aspects of the Colorado Avalanche.  Mike's a great writer with a keen wit and has a great perspective on the team.

He also has contributed to the posting of aesthetically pleasing images in various game threads, which I approve of highly.

I'm excited to have him on board, and hope he enjoys his time with Mile High Hockey.