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Game 22: Flames At Avalanche, Preview And Open Thread

Since this is the fifth meeting between Colorado and Calgary this season (it's still November!), there's not all that much to say.  

The one thing of note is that the Avs started a four-game road trip in first place in the Northwest, lost three of those games but somehow managed to return home to the Pepsi Center (where they are 9-1-0) still in first place---if just barely.  

The Flame-Outs beat Colorado for the first time this season on Tuesday, but have lost two of their last three and continue to suffer in fourth place in the Northwest, albeit just four points behind the Avs.

Also, they suck.

The game starts today at 5:00 PM Mountain time, 7:00 Eastern.  I will not be around because I got suckered into attending a play (of all things) and it starts at about the same time as the game.  I highly encourage everyone to keep the thread going in my absence.

One Important Note: when ridiculing Dion Phaneuf for being the lousy person that he is, please avoid calling him "Phageuf."  I have a very low tolerance for homophobia.  You'll notice I don't use the far-too-easy "Flamers" to belittle his team, and instead use the accurately descriptive, yet sexual orientation-neutral, "Flame-Outs."  I highly suggest using other variations on Phaneuf's name, like "Phaloofa" or the extremely appropriate "Phadouche."  That's my personal favorite.  I appreciate your cooperation and wish everyone a happy open thread.

ESPN preview.