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Ok, now I'm angry

So, instead of getting to watch the Avs roll over and play dead for the Flames tonight, I get to spend my time emailing DirecTV. Yep, a week after having trouble finding the Avs game, tonight I get shut out entirely - no game, even though there's supposed to be one. Last Sunday, someone from DirecTV was good enough to contact me when I emailed them about their fuck up, so I'm going to the well again. Here's my letter:

Last week, I contacted DTV because a game I wanted to watch was not showing up on any of my Center Ice channels. That situation was resolved in time to watch the game, although I was annoyed at the inconvenience of having to work to find the game.

It's not even a week since that incident, and now there's been another error. Tonight's Calgary / Colorado game is not on channel 768 as scheduled. I just sat down to start watching this game, only to find out that the game is not being shown as advertised. It is still listed on your website, but it is not on channel 768 - or any other non-HD channel as far as I can tell.

I think it's pretty clear that there has been a screw up here, and I have missed a game because of it. I did not purchase the Center Ice package to not be able to see the games I want to watch.

I have been a DTV subscriber (and Center Ice purchaser) for several years. The Center Ice package IS the reason we first got DirecTV and is the reason we continue to be customers today. If these issues aren't resolved quickly, I will be looking for a new carrier.

Please reassure me that this will be the last game that I have to miss this year.

Thank you
Yep, I know the game is brutal. But I think my $160 gives me the right to watch even the crappy games. It's all part of my non-journalistic duties.