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To Stop the Malcontents

I've decided to post a completely off-topic story to tell one of the highlights of my Avalanche Fanhood.  I've got to do something so that I don't continue to think about the current doldrums the Avs find themselves engulfed in.

Way back in 2001, my obsession with the Avs had blossomed to full ripe and juicy fruition.  The acquisition of Big Daddy Bourque the season prior and the flirtation with greatness in that playoff run had me convinced that this was the year.  The Avs had made it to the Cup Finals against the Scouts/Rockies/Devils and Marty "What do you mean she's your sister?!?" Brodeur.  It was a good series to be sure, filled with many highlights for both teams.  One thing stands out for me though...

Game 4, tight game, Avs getting out-shot but holding a lead when St. Patrick misplays the puck which leads to a Devils game-tying goal.  I'm ripping my hair out and throwing stuff, my girlfriend is shaking her head in wonder at my completely inappropriate response to a sporting event thousands of miles away, when the phone rings.  It's my sainted mother.  By sainted, I mean, raised three sons solo, and only one misdemeanor between us!  

Anyway, the first words out of her mouth are "What is Roy doing?"  
And I'm all, "Why are you watching the game?  You don't care two squirts about hockey!"
And she's like "I know it's important to you, so I was watching, but every time I watch, something bad happens!"

So she did.  Later, when she came to visit during the weekend of Game 7, she sat at the back of the room on a couch where she couldn't see the TV just to keep her superstitious son happy as the Avs won the second Cup in franchise history.

So what I’m trying to say is the Avs have ME and my sainted mother to thank.  And Bourque.  Drury too.  Sakic and Tanguay had a little something to do with it also.  

Now back to your regularly-scheduled Coach Q Bashing.