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Blogger Vindication: Line Change Edition

Let's assume for a second that the only legitimate commentators in the sporting world are credentialed journalists.  That's what they'd like you to think, at least.  So from that logic it means that any opinion bloggers have or any observation they make isn't truly worth anything until someone in the press (who went to journalism school) agrees with it.

Well, faithful readers, that day has come!

Mile High Hockey's contributors and members have been whining about Coach Q's too-frequent line changes for some time now (see, oh, the last ten or so posts), but today our complaints were truly vindicated.

Terry Frei agrees with us!!

In a very good (if not waaaaay overdue) article today on the Post's web site, Frei laments the lack of chemistry and buzz-worthiness of the Avalanche.  Part of that, he says is poor play by the supposed "stars" of the team, namely Sakic and Smyth.  The reason?  Too-frequent line changes!

Quenneville's penchant for impatience and tinkering is neither unique nor always unjustifiable. But at some point, he would be better off to decide which center — Stastny or Sakic — he's going to keep Smyth with for a long stretch, and not just for periods at a time, hoping for chemistry to take hold.

Rest easy, MHH faithful!  We can now go to bed knowing that we were right all along about Coach Q's needless line combination tinkering.  We just didn't have validation, until now!

Thanks, Terry!