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Game 13: Canucks At Avalanche, Preview And Open Thread

I'm low on time so I'll keep this brief.  

The Canucks has lost two straight games, and four of their last five.  They've played well on the road (4-2-0) and have a strong power play, but they're still allowing too many goals.  Their strong goaltending (Roberto Luongo) is hampered by a defense that collapses regularly.

The Avalanche has won four straight games and is still undefeated at home (6-0-0).  Their power play isn't all that great but the penalty kill is sharp and the defense has improved consistently.  They have yet to lose a game they've led going into the third period and they've consistently erased multiple-goal deficits.  Peter Budaj will start in net tonight, and so far the goaltending carousel that failed last season has worked.  Hopefully Paul Stastny will regain the spark that has alluded him since the first few games of the season, but it all depends on Milan Hejduk and his return to form after a back injury.

Oh, and this is a can't-lose game for the Avs.

The action starts at 8:00 PM Mountain time, 10:00 PM Eastern.  Unless something comes up (you never know), I'll be here live blogging.  If not, please feel free to take over in my absence.

ESPN preview.