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Just In Case You Haven't Gotten Enough Of Calgary

Jibblescribbits discussed the Northwest Division overload the Avalanche will be facing over the course of November in this post on his own blog, but I think it's worth griping about further.

This is a sports blog, after all.  What would it be without griping?

First, let's look at the majority of the Avalanche schedule for the month of November:

What do you notice?  Maybe you notice the fact that it's almost completely dominated by the same four teams.  Only one matchup in a 26-day, 11-game span is played against a non-Northwest team, and that's crummy old Dallas.  Who cares about them, anyway?

The most ridiculous span has to start on November 20th, when the Avs have to play Calgary-Edmonton-Calgary-Edmonton.  If you're not already sick of seeing Calgary fold under the Avalanche onslaught yet, just wait!  The Avs will have played the Flame-Outs five times before the end of November!  

Then, just to pile on the stupidity, after the game against Deadmonton on November 28th, the Avalanche don't play another rival from the Northwest Division until January 24th when Minnesota stops by the Pepsi Center for a visit.  That's almost two full months.  And the Avs don't play Calgary again until February 26th, three whole months!

It's a good thing the current scheduling scheme will likely die at the end of this season after a three-year tilt.  The league saved the truly worst for last.