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Minor Deal?

Somehow I missed this one yesterday and for most of today. The Avalanche have acquired a goalie and no, his name is not Bryzgalov. Yesterday, Colorado traded for St Louis' Jason Bacashihua. The Avs gave up a conditional 7th round pick for the former 1st rounder.

Since we already have two AHL goalies, there's some speculation that the Bacshihua trade is a precursor to a trade involving Jose Theodore (Pittsburgh gets mentioned often) or even Peter Budaj. I think it's more a matter of adding some goaltending depth. In a Denver Post article yesterday, Joel Quenneville sure didn't sound like a guy who was looking to move a goalie: "I just think both guys are playing pretty well."

Jori from Avs Prospects has also pointed out that this deal originated with Bachishuha asking for a trade. So, I think we can put away our secret decoder rings for the time being.