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Game 25: Avalanche At Kings, Preview And Open Thread

I'll keep this short and sweet.  The Kings are not really that great of a team, and they haven't played especially well at home.  Anze Kopitar and new goalie Jason LaBarbera will be fun to watch over the next several seasons, but overall the Kings are a weak team.  

The Avalanche, however, are a very strong team.  A very strong team that plays like crap most of the time, at least most of the time in the last seven games or so.  

Speaking of playing like crap, no word yet on whether or not Jose Theodore will start tonight in net, but I have a feeling that he will.  TJ Hensick should also get to play another game, and hopefully this time he takes a shot on goal or two.

Svatos and Laperriere are still listed as injured, so don't expect to see them on the ice at all.  I wish Lappy's knee would hurry up and get better already.  Good lord.

The game starts tonight at the same time as last night's game: 8:30 PM Mountain time, 10:30 Eastern.  No idea if I'll be around to watch it, but if I am, you can rest assured I'll be posting comments like crazy.  Hopefully they won't all be negative and frustrated like last night.

ESPN preview.