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Game 29: Avalanche 9, Blues 5

photo courtesy of David Zalubowski/AP

When a hockey game ends with a score of 9-5, the only real way to look at it is by the numbers.  So, instead of a big, wordy recap, I'll just run down the numerical significance of last night's rout of the St. Louis Blues by the Colorado Avalanche, Harper's Index style.

Goals scored in game, both teams: 14
Points scored by all players, both teams: 39
Players with at least one point, both teams: 20
Players with multi-point performances, both teams: 11
Colorado goal-scoring percentage, game: 31
Colorado goal-scoring percentage, third period: 50
Percent of St. Louis total goals against scored by Colorado: 15
Number of teams played by St. Louis this season: 14
Number of consecutive games played by Andrew Brunette: 400
League rank of Brunette's consecutive games streak: 3
Number of career hat tricks scored by Milan Hejduk: 5
Number of wins by Colorado Avalanche franchise: 1000
Number of Colorado wins awarded to Jose Theodore: 21

Dater's recap can be found here, and Terry Frei wrote a piece about the significance of the game's score and the 1000th win for the franchise.

The most significant number for the Avs, though, is the number 2.  That's the number of consecutive wins in their current streak, their longest since November 7th.

Stars of the Game:

  1. Milan Hejduk (3g, 3a)
  1. Paul Stastny (2g, 3a)
  1. Ryan Smyth (1g, 2a)