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Whose Line Is It Anyway?

In the comments thread of yesterday's game recap, it was decided that the official name of the most effective Colorado offensive line should be "The RPM Line."

Ryan Smyth - Paul Statsny - Milan Hejduk

That's a pretty fitting name, I think, even though those guys aren't the three fastest players on the team.  Also, it's open to modification, because sometimes (when Coach Q doesn't hate him) Marek Svatos gets promoted to the second line and he's a right winger like Hejduk.  When he takes Hejduk's place, the line can maintain the clever nickname.

Now, what about the other lines?  There have to be good names for the other common combinations.  Well, by "common" I mean Coach Q tried it for more than two consecutive shifts in more than one game.

Take, for instance, this line that was running before Super Joe got hurt:

Joe Sakic - Andrew Brunette - Wojtek Wolski

The JAW Line!!  

Or, what about Jaroslav Hlinka's occasional appearance up in the second line with countryman Hejduk and Paul Stastny?  Hlinka and Hejduk are both from the Czech Republic and Stastny's dad Peter was born there.  Therefore, Hejduk-Stastny-Hlinka has to be called

The Czeching Line!!

This would also work if somehow Svatos was stuck at the left wing spot on a line centered by Hlinka and right-winged by The Duke.  But that's not going to happen...well, it might, knowing Q.  Duh, I totally forgot Svatos was Slovakian.  My bad, Svats, my bad.

Personally, knowing how gritty and defensive-minded they are, the stellar fourth line combination of Ben Guite - Cody McCormick - Brad Richardson (seriously, one of the best fourth lines in the league) needs no other name than "The Hit Parade."  Those guys really dish it out.

UPDATE: Another suggestion for the fourth line is the "BBC Line," but that doesn't have enough wit or character for me.  Also, I didn't think of it, but that's totally unrelated.

So, in sum, we have the following line combination names established:

The RPM Line
The JAW Line
The Czeching Line
The Hit Parade (BBC Line)

Anyone else have some suggestions?