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It's Official: Leoprone Composed Entirely Of Glass

You thought it couldn't happen again.  You said to yourself, "Okay, he's had to have overcome the injury bug by now."  You were wrong, oh so wrong.

Jordan Leopold will sit out the game against the Ducks on Wednesday night not because of a hernia, a wrist injury or anything you might expect.  No, this time he'll be out because he got cut on the thigh by a skate blade.  Of one of his teammates.  During practice.

In an incident similar in stupidity to that which forced Lightning d-man Dan Boyle to sit out much of the early season, Leoprone has managed to get hurt in possibly the dumbest way possible.

It's not like Chris Simon stepped on him or anything.

As always, we here at Mile High Hockey wish Leoprone the speediest possible recovery, and will now start taking donations to buy him a full suit of armor (like chain mail) in order to prevent future blade-related mishaps.  

At least he didn't break his wrist giving somebody a high five, which, now that I've had the gall to type it out, will probably happen once he returns from the thigh laceration.

Poor guy.

Adrian Dater has weighed in, as well.