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Happy Holidays From Mile High Hockey

I signed a contract with SportsBlog Nation back in July to produce a Colorado Avalanche blog for their network.  Tyler, the head honcho of SBN, reminded me that the main purpose of each blog in the network is to foster a sense of community among the fans of each team (or topic) represented.  He encouraged me to reach out and embrace my fellow fans, not just my own ego or to use the blog just as my personal soap box.

Since July, Mile High Hockey has added two contributing bloggers of immense talent and charisma, gained nearly 70 members, been inundated with more than 4000 comments and now boasts an impressive group of frequent commenters and diarists whose hockey knowledge and love for their team rivals any group of fans anywhere.  

I couldn't be more proud of the way things have turned out so far.

To show my appreciation, at least in a small, random way, I'm hosting the first ever Mile High Hockey Holiday Raffle™!

That's right, free stuff to give away!

On December 25th I will draw three names from a hat (with a lawyer present, of course) and those three people will receive one of the following two styles of posters:

Two lucky winners will receive the Joe Sakic poster, and the third winner will receive the team logo poster.

But, because I also have a sense of humor, a fourth "winner" will be drawn and will receive an ironic, surprise poster of my choosing.  Just remember before you get mad at me, Mr. or Mrs. Fourth Winner, the poster is free!

These handsome wall hangings are being provided by, a very nice group of individuals who are giving away stuff for free in exchange for a little publicity.

All Mile High Hockey members who have joined the site by December 24th will already have their name in the drawing.  However, if you want an extra shot at the big prizes, drop me an email at [milehighhockey at yahoo dot com] and be sure to give me your MHH user name (so I know who you are) and I'll put your name in twice.

Like I said, the winners will be drawn on Christmas Day and the results will be posted shortly thereafter.  Act excited!