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And The Winners Are...

Today is the big day, boys and girls!  The Mile High Hockey Holiday Raffle™ has been run and the winners of the above posters from have been chosen!

The three lucky winners are as follows:

Winner Number One (Joe Sakic poster):Toast88

Winner Number Two (Joe Sakic poster): Russ

Winner Number Three (Avalanche logo poster): CSUAV21

And, the super lucky winner of the ultra-secret surprise poster is none other than Tapeleg!!

If you're one of the winners, please send me an email at mile high hockey at yahoo dot com with your mailing address.  Please use the same email account that you listed when you registered as a member of the blog so I can verify that you're who you say you are.  Thanks!

In the event that any of the winners fail to send me their mailing addresses by next Monday, December 31st, I'll choose another person in their place.  So get contacting and I'll get mailing!

Happy holidays!