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Hensick follows Jones to AHL

Although I still can't find any official news that David Jones was sent down to make room for the activation of Brad Richardson, he scored for the Monsters last night, so I guess we can officially say that he's unofficially been reassigned to the AHL.

TJ Hensick is following him, and this one's a bit more official. I'm glad to see him going down so that he can get some top-line minutes. Hensick's first NHL stint was 12 games; he had a goal, 2 assists, and was -3 with 2 healthy scratches. Hensick averaged 11:17 of ice time (10:01 EV, 1:14 PP and :02 SH), but that ice time was dwindling - he averaged 15.5 minutes in his first 4 games, but just 9.2 minutes in the 8 games since. I thought Hensick showed some good flashes and probably had his best game recently against the Rangers (5 shots, 1 assist), but still needs more development time. And both Codys - McLeod and McCormick - have played better since their recalls.

The move leaves the Avs with just 13 healthy forwards on the roster, one being Scott "Healthy Scratch" Parker.