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Game 38: Kings At Avalanche, Preview And Open Thread

On Thursday the Avalanche faced the best team in the NHL.  Tonight they face the worst team in the NHL, at home in Denver, with an increasingly healthy lineup.  The odds are definitely in Colorado's favor today.

No word on who will play in net tonight for the Avs, but it wouldn't surprise me to see Jose Theodore.  Considering that Peter Budaj has started seven straight games (5-1-1) and the opponent today is the Kings, it wouldn't hurt to rest Boots and put Theo in goal.  As long as Budaj is right back in for the next game against Phoenix on Monday, of course.

Game starts early today, 1:00 PM Mountain time, 3:00 PM Eastern.  I've got lots to do today so I won't be around for the game.  Anybody watching should contribute to the thread.

ESPN preview.