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Jersey dilemma

I got an email from a reader on Friday. It just so happens that I've been tossing around this very question in my head lately:

hey David, a question / moral dilemma for you:

i have very recently renewed an interest in hockey that i haven't really had since i was a kid. i'm 20 now and have been of a baseball-centered mind, but a friend of mine recently got me into hockey again. when i was a kid, i rooted for the avalanche, i think mainly because i liked patrick roy (and probably because they were good), so i decided to start following them again. i love your blog; it's a great way for me to learn as much as i can and keep up with everything i should know.

here's my question: i know everyone hates the new jerseys, but i feel i need a jersey to sport (i was going to go with a Wolski jersey). as a "new fan" in a sense, would you drop the opinion that the new jerseys should be boycotted? or do you think i should try a little harder and find one of the old ones to buy?
Thanks for emailing, Will. I'm totally going to ignore the fact that you make me feel old by being 20-years old and having the gumption to talk about when you were a kid. But you raise a great question.

The new jerseys look like ass. The dark home jerseys are terrible, and the white road jerseys are just slightly-better-than terrible. I have a bunch of Avalanche jerseys and am itching to get a new one (Stastny, maybe Wolski, or possibly Ben Guite). But I can't bring myself to do it.

Sadly, I don't think these gaudy creations are going anywhere soon, nor do I think a boycott - unless it's on a really large scale - will do anything to get the old sweaters back. For a new fan, having to choose between a new jersey and no jersey, I think the choice is easy: you have to support the team, no matter how ugly you might look doing it. I'm going to stick with my classic jerseys, though, and cross my fingers that the team will wake up and fix the new jerseys before all my old jerseys fall apart.

Thanks for writing, Will, and welcome to the cheap seats. It must have been great to be there in attendance for TJ Hensick's first goal!