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Game 27: Blue Jackets 5, Avalanche 4

Last night's game was a travesty, that's all there is to it.

Luckily, Pittsburgh saved the Avalanche the indignity of being tied with Edmonton in the Northwest standings by beating the Oilers 4-2.  I called Sidney Crosby (3 assists) and thanked him.

The Avs have now lost eight of their last twelve games.  The wheels are officially starting to fall off, if the bus hasn't already lost at least one already.  

This should seem like an "oh well, shit happens" kind of game, but it's so much more.  It's indicative of everything that's going wrong with a team that seemed like such a legitimate contender for the division title just a couple of months ago.

And here's the "no shit" comment of the year:

"A brutal ending," Quenneville said after the Avs' third-period collapse led to a 5-4 loss to Columbus. "A tough one to swallow."

Your continued existence behind the Colorado bench is getting pretty tough to swallow, Q.

The next Avalanche game is at home tomorrow night against the Philadelphia Flyers.  I certainly hope Jose Theodore's in net and all the offensive lines look completely different, because those strategies have worked so well this season.

Please feel free to discuss your outrage, anger and/or drinking game suggestions here.

Stars of the Game:

  1. Rick Nash (2g, 0a)
  1. Kris Beech (0g, 3a)
  1. Ryan Smyth (0g, 3a)