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Game 28: Flyers At Avalanche, Preview And Open Thread

The NHL feels a lot like Major League Baseball from before inter-league play began a few years back.  Eastern Conference teams play Western Conference teams so rarely that it really seems like two completely different leagues.

The Broad Street Bullies swing into Denver tonight to face the Chopper Circle Collapsibles.  Considering that Philadelphia is extremely strong on the road this season, and Colorado is extremely weak everywhere in the last ten games or so, I have a bad feeling about this game.

But I'll try not to be too cynical.  I'll just try to ignore the fact that Joe Sakic remains out of the lineup with an apparent groin explosion (ouch) and Jose Theodore will start in net.  Other than that, everything's great!  Awesome!  Wonderful!

Because I don't want this Rocky Mountain high I'm suddenly on to go anywhere, I'll let somebody else do the talking:

Strong road play has helped the Philadelphia Flyers move atop of the Atlantic Division. Playing well at home, meanwhile, is keeping the Colorado Avalanche out of last place in the Northwest.

Great!  And how about this super passage from Terry Frei, posted today at

They [the Avalanche] have been awful on the road and held the Northwest Division only briefly. In the parity -- or collective mediocrity -- that is the West, they haven't even been able to stay among the top eight.

Some days, they're in a playoff spot. Some days, they're out of it, period.

Excellent!  Fantastic!  Wonderful!  This positive mood of mine won't be shaken by the bleak, horrible outlook any normal person would have about this game.  No sir!  I can't wait for the puck to drop tonight at 7:00 PM Mountain time, 9:00 PM Eastern.  

You can bet your sweet pumpkin seeds I'll be here to blog the game!  I can't wait!

ESPN preview.