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Notes: Game 28, Flyers at Avalanche


I was able to record both feeds tonight, so I'm going to do a repeat of something I did a few months ago. I'll watch the 1st period of the Flyers feed and then switch to the Altidudes. Jim Jackson and Keith Jones in the both. Although the video on the Flyers feed seems kind of stretched unnaturally out of proportion, so perhaps I'll switch sooner than I expected.

Theodore vs Martin Biron



20:00 Off to a great start – they miss showing the faceoff by a few seconds. I hate when that happens. The Stastny line starts

18:59 Wolski, Hensick and Svatos are an intriguing 2nd line this evening.

18:24 Next up is Arnason, Hlinka and Brunette. I like all three lines so far. Jones: "Theodore will kick some beauties out for you." Indeed.

17:28 I see Richardson and Guite on the 4th line. The final forward is McCormick – Lappy is curiously out tonight. Maybe he's having some trouble with that knee again.

16:15 Holding on Guite – Philadelphia gets the first powerplay of the night.

16:03 Philly has the 4th ranked PP? Oh crap.

15:14 The Flyers are using the boards just like the Sharks did on Monday. According to Jones, they worked on this in the morning skate today.

14:12 The PP ends quietly.

12:43 It annoys me that the defensive pairings are the same tonight (Clark/Skrastins, Hannan/Liles, Finger/Cumiskey). The Columbus game warranted a goalie change, but not a change in the defensemen?

11:43 Hlinka's dump bounces oddly off the boards and trickles in front of the empty net. No one is there for the Avs to capitalize.

11:09 9 minutes in, and there's been very little in the way of scoring chances for either club. An exceptionally dull opening to the game.

8:35 No, really. It's dull.

7:39 Too many men for the Avs. Another PP for the Flyers.

5:40 Hannan finishes off a hard check on Jeff Carter. And the Avs kill off another penalty – the PK looks good tonight.

4:16 Kapanen goes off for hooking. We get our first look of the night of the Avs PP.

3:02 Perhaps the best chance of the night when Hensick feeds Liles at the top of the circle.

2:10 Cumiskey goes coast to coast and dishes to Hejduk at the last second. Biron has to make a tough save to keep it out.

1:10 Several chances from the 4th line. Excellent shift.

The first period ends. It took a LONG time to get rolling, but the Avs were starting to catch fire at the end.


I switch to the Altitude broadcast for the 2nd. My wife, who is very supportive of all my hockey watching, thinks watching both feeds is a bit "over the top". She's probably right, but I won't tell her that.

18:35 Hartnell is going off for goaltender interference. Not much question about the call, as Hartnell skated in all alone to run into Theodore…but I'm sure any Columbus fans who happened to be tuned in are scratching their heads at the moment.

17:22 Umberger somehow gets a shot off shorthanded. Scary.

17:04 Former Av Jim Dowd goes to the box for hooking, giving the Avs a short 5 on 3. Which makes me ponder – Sakic is the forward usually out there killing 5 on 3s. I wonder who would be that guy while he's out?

16:31 Just as Mike Haynes is mentioning Richards' 5 on 3 goals, Richards intercepts a Clark pass and breaks in all alone on Theodore. Theodore - who McNab told us the other night is the best goalie the Avs have ever had at stopping breakaways – stops the breakaway.

16:06 Liles leaps high to knock down a clearing attempt to keep the play alive.

14:49 Another clearing attempt kept in by the Avs. They are doing a good job of this tonight.

14:17 Theodore makes a tough save on Carter. The pace (and hitting) has picked up substantially this period.

12:55 Briere skates in. Skrastins nudges him just off his angle enough to force a shot wide of Theo.

12:34 Hlinka scores, rifling a beauty in the top corner from the off wing. That was a vintage Milan Hejduk play and shot.

12:10 Hannan called for something, putting Philly back on the PP. Holding is the call.

11:32 Lupul steamrolls Theodore, but doesn't get a call. When the play leaves the zone, Theodore asks the ref for an explanation. I'm curious as to what it was, because that one seemed blatant.

10:46 I'm going to get my 5 on 3 question answered. Hejduk deflects a puck over the glass to get one of those delay of game penalties I love so much.

10:45 And the answer is…Stastny.

10:36 Stastny steals the puck at the point and clears it

10:02 Richardson relieves Stastny and Hannan is out of the box as well, so we're back to 5 on 4.

8:40 The penalty is over. The Colorado PK looks superb tonight.

6:00 Lots and lots of sustained pressure from the Avalanche.

5:30 Terrific play from Finger on the boards to get a pass off to Hejduk. Biron makes the tough save.

3:52 Someone from the Avs is off for hooking. I missed the call.

2:40 Two good saves by Theo in a row

2:05 Timonen lines up a big slapper from the point…and instead passes it down to Briere next to the net. Briere buries it. Briere was uncovered. Hannan had moved over to cover for Skrastins who had been chasing a guy down on the boards. Really more of an awesome play by Timonen than a bad play from the Avs D, though.

:20 Until now, I didn't know that McNab was down rinkside. Timonen goes to the box for hooking.

:03 Hejduk scores! Stastny wins the faceoff and the Avs cycle it down low. Stastny and Smyth pass it back and forth behind the net and Smyth dishes it out to Hejduk, who has found a seam in front. Hejduk beats Biron on the far side.

The Avs have played two good periods now, and have a lead going into the 3rd. If I hadn't written something similar to that on Wednesday, I'd be infinitely more confident.


I'm sticking with Altitude – they had much more excitement than the Flyers guys did.

18:35 Liles fires a homerun ball to Svatos to break Svatos in alone. Biron makes a big save to match Theo's save on Richards earlier.

15:19 Sliding save by Theodore. He's looked excellent tonight. No doubt, he's going to play against St Louis on Sunday.

14:43 Two icing calls against the Avs in the last minute or so.

14:21 Stastny steals the puck and weaves in through traffic. The play is stopped when Fitzpatrick intentionally takes the net off its moorings and gets called for interference.

13:44 Amazingly, Timonen does the same thing, pushing the net off when the Avs were pressuring. I have no idea how he avoids a penalty.

12:22 I think I get why Cumiskey isn't seeing more ice time on the PP. He makes a good play to keep the puck in at the blueline, but then gets all Tyler Arnason and just keeps the thing instead of dishing it off. Instead of passing the puck, he seems to be trying to hand deliver them to the recipient.

10:25 Arnason steals it and gets a shot off against Biron

7:37 Sizzling shot from Umberger and a strong kick save from Theodore.

6:55 With all the players on the ice getting together after a frozen puck, Derian Hatcher goes after the littlest one – Brad Richardson. Hatcher goes around McCormick and Guite to get to Richie. Who said Hatcher was dumb?

5:37 McNab confirms that Lappy did tweak his knee a bit against the BJs

4:40 I HATE when Pierre McGuire goes "behind the glass" (then again, I pretty much hate anything McGuire does, up to and including breathing). But I like McNab down there. He doesn't feel the need to remind you every other sentence that he's on the bench like McGuire does.

3:45 Every time Haynes has to do the Altitude Authentics promo, he just happens to have paid a visit to the store earlier in the day. He must have a LOT of Avalanche stuff…

1:35 The Flyers take their time out. The faceoff will be in the Avs zone, and the Flyers pull Biron.

:42 The 4th line is out for the Avs. McNab thinks it's a reward for their strong play tonight. I think it's an indication that the 2nd and 3rd lines do not have guys who can play D.

:05 The Flyers ice the puck which will ice the game.

The Avs win. Hejduk gets the game winner. And I think Theodore might have been the star of the game.

He is…and gets a nice ovation from the Pepsi center crowd.