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Too little, too late.

I'm not doing a full-fledged recap today, mostly because I'm just discouraged. The Avs are out of the playoff chase. Mathematically, they are still in it, of course. But can only really afford 7 losses in the last 27 games...and they certainly aren't showing any signs of being capable of running the table. Colorado is in 10th place, 10 points out of the final playoff spot. They are 9 points ahead of 15th place LA. In other words, Colorado is closer to having the 2nd worst record in the NHL than they are to the playoffs. Sobering?

In the month of February, Colorado has been outscored 19-10 in the first two periods, despite being very close in shot totals: 104-114. They have yet to hold a lead this month going into the 2nd intermission, and any fan of this team can tell you the Avs have a horrendous record in those situtions (7-22-2 when not leading after 2). To their credit, they haven't given up in any of the games, outshooting their opponents 82-33 in February. But it's only given them a 7-6 goal advantage - and just one win in 5 games. Too little, too late. That applies to their play lately, and, unfortunately, their season.