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Sean Avery traded

The Kings have traded pest Sean Avery to the Rangers as part of a multiplayer deal. The Rangers get Avery and LW John Seymour (a 7th round pick in 2005). The Kings get RW Jason Ward (10 pts in 46 games this year), F Jan Marek (8th round pick in 2003) and RW Marc-Andre Cliche (2nd rounder in 2005). It seems like Cliche for Avery is the key part of the deal, with the rest of the guys as filler.

I really dislike Sean Avery - I have a thing against guys who get under the skin of opponents but then won't back it up...unless they think they'd win a fight. But I have to admit he's a useful guy for the Rangers to have, especially if you consider the Rangers two tough guys - Ryan Hollweg and Colton Orr - have 6 points in 167 career NHL games. Avery (28 pts this year) has a bit more offensive ability than that.