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Flames lose

Calgary lost to Dallas last night 4-2. It was yet another road loss for the Flames, who are now 9-18-8 away from home. The Flames are still 8 ahead of the Avalanche, but we now have a game in hand.

Coming up for the teams: on Saturday, Calgary takes on the Wild at home, a game Calgary will desperately want to win (they trail the Wild by 5 points in the standings, and, I think, are still more concerned with moving up their seed than the Avs catching them). The Avs play the Coyotes in Phoenix Saturday - there's been some physical stuff in games against the 'Yotes this year. Colorado plays on Sunday, hosting the Jeckell-and-Hyde Sharks. So, it is possible that the Avs will be within 4 of the Flames after the weekend. That's a tall order, though (for one, it requires the Wild to win in regulation). I'll be happy with 6.

Go Avs.