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Final Grade: Patrice Brisebois

Final Grade: D+

Midseason Grade: D+

Season Stats: 33 GP, 1 G, 10 A, 11 Pt, -5, 36 shots

Minutes: 624 total (7th out of 10 D). EV 13:43, PP 2:58, PK 2:14, ATOI 18:55



1st Half: 33 GP, 1 G, 10 A, 11 Pt, -5, 36 shots

2nd Half: IR

Linemates: Vaananen (16 GP), Liles (16), Sauer (1)

Career: This abbreviated season resulted in Brisebois' worst point total since 1992.

Report: An offensive defenseman without the offense...Inconsistent and prone to bad decisions in his own end...Is more physical than people think...Could have been a pretty good defensive player, but the boneheaded errors like passing to players on the other team just don't stop...Seemed to have particularly bad communication with Vaananen – neither seemed to have a clue what the other was going to do on the ice...Was rather invisible on offense this year, especially the powerplay (5 points in 33 games)...No point in going past that...If he's not providing offense, there's no reason for him to be in the lineup...Okay, actually he was a good penalty killer, which seems contradictory to the rest of his game.

Fast Fact: Brisebois' -5 +/- was worst among Colorado defensemen.

2007-2007 Salary: $3,000,000

2007-2008 Status: UFA

Outlook: Brisebois is gone like a freight train, gone like yesterday. There's talk that Brisebois won't be back at all after having back surgery this spring. That would be a shame, as I think he's still got some hockey in him. However, even if he does return to the NHL, it almost definitely won't be with the Avalanche, and I have to admit I'm glad to be able to type that.