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Final Grade: Pierre Turgeon

Final Grade: D+

Midseason Grade: C

Season Stats: 17 GP, 4 G, 3 A, 7 Pt, +1, 26 shots

Minutes: 173 total (14th out of 18 F), EV 8:31, PP 1:36, PK 0:02, ATOI 10:09



1st Half: 13 GP, 4 G, 3 A, 7 Pt, +1, 26 shots

2nd Half: 4 GP, 0 G, 0 A, 0 Pt, -2, 5 shots

Positions: LW (11 GP), C (6 GP)

Lines: 4th (9 GP), 3rd (8 GP)


C: Stastny (6 GP), Guite (3), Richardson (1), Arnason (1)

LW: Rycroft (2 GP), Richardson (2), Laaksonen (2)

RW: Svatos (6 GP), Rycroft (5), Laperriere (4), Klee (2)

Career: Over

Report: After fizzling out in the playoffs last year, I didn't think Turgeon had anything left in the tank...However, after missing the first 27 games of the season with a rotator cuff injury, Turgeon seemed revitalized...He scored 7 points in his first 7 games, had good energy, and even played a little defense...And then reality stepped in...Put up a goose egg in the next 10...Was a healthy scratch for 12 out of 16 games before a face-saving "calf injury" put him on the shelf for the rest of the year...Convenient, eh?...Turgeon could be fun to watch, with the creative passing and the sneaky shots from behind the net...When his tank was on empty, though, it was really empty...His defensive game basically amounted to a poke check in the neutral zone or taking a hooking penalty.

Fast Fact: Turgeon is one of five #1 overall picks to play for the Quebec / Colorado franchise, along with Wendel Clark, Owen Nolan, Mats Sundin and Guy Lafleur. Four of those five guys were drafted in a 5-year period between 1985 and 1990.

2007-2007 Salary: $1,500,000

2007-2008 Status: UFA

Outlook: Turgeon has long been one of my favorite players and I thought he might be able to revitalize his career a bit with the Avalanche. There were some flashes, but not enough. Turgeon is about two months younger than Joe Sakic, but looked about five years older on the ice. I expect him to retire this offseason.