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Au Revoir, Pierre

It was a move that was expected, but it's still a little sad to read. Pierre Turgeon has retired.


Turgeon was the first overall pick in 1987 - a draft that also featured new Lake Erie coach Joe Sacco as well as some other Joe who's done some things for the Colorado franchise. Turgeon scored 30 goals nine times in his career and finishes with 515 career goals and 1327 assists. He won a Lady Bing trophy in 1993 - the same year as the play I remember most about Turgeon. In the playoffs that year, Turgeon was blindsided by Washington's Dale Hunter after scoring the series-clinching goal. Ironically, Hunter was traded from the Nordiques to the Capitals for the pick that Quebec used to select Joe Sakic back in that '87 draft.

I enjoyed watching Turgeon play. I wish his body had held out a little longer, because I think the game could have benefited from his creative play. Best of luck to you, Pierre.