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The Sheriff stays in town; Boychuk also; Keenan to Calgary

It isn't exactly the most surprising move of the offseason. Colorado has re-signed free agent tough guy Scott Parker to a one-year, $475,000 contract. Parker, of course, was the catalyst for the Avs oh-so-close playoff run this spring. At least that's how the joke normally goes.

At any rate, Parker adds some muscle and locker room presence to the team. He won't play 82 games (I hope?), but should get some 4th line playing time as needed. He does need to step it up a bit - he probably won't have Mark Rycroft around to fight his battles for him this year.


Colorado also retained defenseman Johnny Boychuk. Boychuk is a big (6'3, 225) defenseman and a former 2nd round pick. After 3 seasons in the AHL, he hasn't managed to crack the NHL squad yet, and probably would need a sensational training camp this year to make the team in the fall.

In other news, rumors in Calgary have Mike Keenan coming on board to be the head coach. Sadly, he won't be getting the GM squad, so the Flames roster won't be dismantled any time soon. Keenan may be one of the worst GMs in the world, but he is a fine coach. The thought of Calgary becoming a better club next year is not a happy one.