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New jerseys might not suck after all

I'm a hockey jersey fan. I have a closet full of them. I've lost count, but I think I have at least 30 of them. Needless to say, I've been very nervous about the new jerseys that Reebok is rolling out this year. All kind of rumors have been flying around. All the logos would change. No more stripes on the bottom of the jersey. New, tacky horizontal stripes on the sleeves. New colors, because Reebok couldn't match the existing hues. I keep picturing those horrible, futuristic Turn the Clock Ahead uniforms MLB rolled out a few years ago. And, being the NHL, the league has done little to set the record straight when it comes to the rumors.


The other day, leaked photos of the new Washington Capitals jerseys started popping up on the net (the official unveiling is June 22nd). They weren't buffaslug terrible, but seem like they are a little to modern / flashy for my tastes. Maybe when I'm seeing the actual jerseys and not just a screen capture stolen from a flash video, I'll change my mind.

Today, the Boston Bruins unveiled their new look. All of a sudden, I have a lot more faith in the system. These jerseys are terrific. Seriously, this may be the first thing that the Bruins front office haven't fucked up in years. And check out the amazing secondary logo (bottom of the page). If/when that puppy ever shows up on a 3rd jersey, I'm buying it. At the very least, this proves that the new jerseys don't have to be gaudy and garish. That's not to say that some won't be, but at least one team got it right.