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New Columbus jerseys

The new Blue Jackets jerseys have been unveiled. Tapeleg at Jerseys and Hockey Love got to try one on and has some great photos (I had no idea Manny Malhotra was still around in the NHL).

The jerseys look great, especially the civil war shoulder patch. I have to say, I've been pleasantly surprised that the new Reebok EDGE jerseys aren't looking like total ass. The Bruins' unis are gorgeous, and the Blue Jackets' duds are solid. The Capitals? I'm a bit mixed on that one, but they are growing on me a bit. Not quite three home runs, but two homers and a ground rule double isn't bad.

There's also some photos supposedly of the new Kings (here and here) and the Islanders - hopefully, they aren't the real thing (prototypes, perhaps) because they are both rather crappy.

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