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Farewell, Brett McLean

Add another team to Brett McLean's long list of home cities. The Avs forward is now a former Av, as McLean has signed with the Florida Panthers. McLean's deal is 3 years at $1,750,0000 per season - a big 133% raise from his $750,000 cap number with the Avs.


The Panthers have also added forward Richard Zednik. Zednik's is a two year deal averaging $1,625,000. That's a cut from the $1,900,000 cap figure he carried last year with the Capitals and Islanders.

Elsewhere, the Capitals have signed defenseman Tom Poti to a 4 year deal at $3.5 million a season. With Poti, Scott Hartnell and Adam Mair off the board, my "GM for a Day" wishlist is pretty much shredded to crap. Poti's contract is a 27% raise from his $2,750,000 contract this season.