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Souray finally signs

Sheldon Souray has landed where Mrs Nylander and Mrs Pronger refused to go: Edmonton. Terms haven't been announced yet, but you can bet it's a fair bit of coin for a one-dimensional player. Looks like Kevin Lowe's Summer of Desperation™ has finally landed him a fish. Albeit a fish who can't play defense, but, still a fish.

I'm hearing 5 years, $27 million. $5,400,000 per season. Not terrible, considering a lot of estimates had him going over the $6 million mark. Funny that a few weeks before the start of free agency, Souray was one of the hottest commodities on the market. Yet, while all the big names went off the board in the first day or two, Souray had to wait 12 days to sign, and it looks like he took less than he was expecting.