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Rycroft returns

Mark Rycroft was re-signed today by the Avalanche. Chalk me up as someone who didn't expect to see Rycroft back. Is Ossi Vaananen next? (naaaaah).


Along with Rycroft, the Avalanche also added a couple of 6'3" defensemen to play in Lake Erie: former 1st rounder Jeff Jillson and enforcer Dale Purinton. They join a trio of other recent signings: winger Eric Healey (a former AHL teammate of Ben Guite), center Matt Hussey and goalie Tyler Wieman. Jillson is particularly intriguing - he's got size and offensive ability but, apparently, no hockey smarts. It's probably a pipe dream, but it would be great to see him turn it around and warrant a look with the Avs.