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Blogging From On High: The Rise Of Mile High Hockey

It's been a long time coming, but finally SB Nation has expanded its reach in the world of sports blogging to include hockey, one of the finest sports this side of female jello wrestling.  First came Die By The Blade, a Sabres blog.  Now, proudly and forever wearing the title of "Number Two", comes Mile High Hockey.  Colorado Avalanche fans rejoice!

Mile High Hockey will operate just like every other SB Nation site:  as a community of fans, rather than a traditional one-sided lecture-from-the-pulpit kind of blog.  While the front page will be dominated by yours truly, You The Reader will rule the rest, using your own personal diaries to spread your thoughts about all things Avalanche.

As for me, I am just a humble and unsophisticated Colorado Avalanche fan.  I also spend too much time on the Internets.  Some of you may know me from my original Avalanche blog, the infamous and periodically-popular Dear Lord Stanley.  But make no mistake, Mile High Hockey will not be the same site with a different name.  DLS is dedicated to being as irreverent and sarcastic as possible, and reads more like Defamer or the New York Post than like a proper sports blog.  Mile High Hockey will be a back-to-business blog of record, a stern and steady archive, documenting the ups and downs and side to sides that those we call Avalanche shall endure.  

Along for the ride is a man known merely as Draft Dodger, a statistical whiz who watches Avalanche games with a clipboard in hand, dutifully tracking the numbers for his own strange enjoyment.  You may know him from In The Cheap Seats, his own personal Avalanche blog.  Or you may not.  One thing is for sure, if you read Mile High Hockey on a regular basis, you will get to know him very quickly.  Be afraid.

In sum, MHH (pronounced "muh") will be THE source for Colorado Avalanche team news, game previews and recaps, rumors and innuendo, statistical trends and plain old biased opinion that makes all sports blogs great.  And remember, you've been invited to join us.  Create an account today and start posting those diary entries.  In front of us awaits one of the greatest seasons the Avalanche has ever enjoyed, and as fans it is our obligation to write about it!  Get crackin'!