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I can see for Miles and Miles

The Avosphere has expanded a little bit more today. SportsBlogs Nation has started to expand into the world of hockey, and Joe from Dear Lord Stanley has been tagged to helm an Avalanche blog. It's called Mile High Hockey, and, from what I understand, is just the 2nd hockey blog to join the SB family. And, coincidentally enough, I have been asked to write a weeklyish column for it.


I have to admit, until Joe approached me a couple of weeks ago, I had never heard of SB Nation (I know, I need to get out more). But, it sounds like a great opportunity to both expand the Avalanche blogging community and, more importantly, to get more people involved along the way. I'm still kind of new here, but it seems like the quality of the Avs online community has really grown over the last year. Today, you've got Jibblescribbits, DLS, Avs Talk, Jerseys & Hockey Love, Mike at BB&R, and Avs Prospects all posting informative and thoughtful Avalanche related posts with a good deal of regularity. If RMH could find the time to bring back Avalanche Country, we'd be even more to the good. Heck, Adrian Dater and Terry Frei have even started joining the underwear frenzy. The Avosphere has gone from "a bit sparse" to "solid" in a relatively short time, and, I think, Mile High Hockey is just going to continue that improvement. BTW, If I'm missing a blog in that list, please let me know.

So, how will ITCS change now that I'm doing guest posts at MHH? Really, not at all. I have a lot of fun stuff planned for next season. Recaps will still be the bread and butter of the site, and I'm going to try to tweak them to make them even better. I'm working on some new statistical stuff, some of it similar to jibblescribbit's OEI stats and some that are *assume Jon Cleese accent* completely different. And, hopefully that Dario guy will stick around and wow us more with that big hockey brain of his. No matter what, ITCS will still be here, pretending to be relevant, for a long time.