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Avalanche Stuff Watch™

Avalanche Stuff Watch™ was a periodic feature over at Dear Lord Stanley that I've decided to transplant to Mile High Hockey.  For those unaware, I scour the Internets (it's not a dump truck!) for the coolest, strangest, or most expensive Avalanche-related crap (or "merchandise" for those subject to spastic consumerism) currently available across the web.  

So, without further ado, I present to you the following:

Item #1:

I don't live in Denver, but I envision a rugged, snow-covered and mountainous wasteland in which residents must fight for their very basic survival.  This being the case, obviously everyone there drives giant SUVs.  A lot of SUVs carry their spare tires on the back door, so what better way to show your support for the Avs than with this snazzy tire cover?  Don't like that design?  Try this one.  And at a price around $45-50, how can you possibly say no to something so important like a tire cover?

Item #2:

No recreation room is complete without a mini bar.  And no mini bar is complete without very sharp objects within arm's reach.  For the alcoholic Avalanche fan, what would be better than having an Avs-themed dart cabinet?  That's right, store your flying needles in style for the low, low cost of $140.

Item #3:

And since you're a little tipsy already and all set to make wise decisions, why not pull out your Avalanche logo-emblazoned poker chip set and start betting away all of your other personal possessions?  You might end up totally broke and wanted by the mob, but at least your poker table will look classy.  Even better, the set is on sale for $70, marked down from a perfectly reasonable $130.

Item #4:

Speaking of gambling collateral, how about the baby?  Doesn't your little bundle of joy need to be covered in team logos, too?  Well, fear not intrepid Avalanche fan, you can keep your spawn's little feet warm with Avalanche baby booties!  In both dark and white, no less.  $30 a pair for shoes the little brat will outgrow in a month doesn't seem too unreasonable, does it?

Keep those credit cards handy and look for more Avalanche Stuff Watch™ updates in the near future!