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The Red Wings To Pursue Forsberg?

As Avalanche fans' beloved Foppa gingerly takes his first few passes of a rink in Sweden on his newly-rebuilt right ankle, more than a few teams are pondering what it will take to add him to their rosters. Besides the Avs, rumors suggest others including his former teams the Flyers and the Predators (fat chance), as well as the Rangers(?!!) and just about every other team will be making serious offers if and when he decides to return to the NHL.

Add into that equation: the Red Wings?!!

Peter Forsberg is recovering from yet another surgery on his right ankle, which has caused him constant grief since 2001. That, though, hasn't stopped him from attracting interest from clubs like the Red Wings, who still recognize him as one of the game's great clutch players.

General manager Ken Holland has told Forsberg's agent, Don Baizley, that the Wings are interested in adding the Swedish superstar to their lineup.

As the world's magnetic poles instantly switch, as the moon leaves Earth orbit and the tides reverse, as the demons begin passing out winter coats in hell, I try to wrap my head around the image of Forsberg, luxurious Swedish beard and all, completely draped in red and wearing the Winged Wheel on his chest. And then my brain explodes through my eye sockets.

The very idea of the man suiting up for EmptyTown makes me dizzy. Would I even be able to watch hockey anymore? Would the sight of Forsberg playing next to Zetterberg, Datsyuk and Lidstrom at The Joe simply drive me into a catatonic state from which I would never recover?

How would you react to something