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Avalanche Weekly

Here's a collection of notable Avalanche-related news & articles from the past week.

Former Avalanche Patrice Brisebois has reportedly been offered a 1-year, $700,000 contract to return to the pressure cooker in Montreal. Another ex-Av - Peter Forsberg - continues to be a hot topic around the Avosphere. Mile High Hockey talks about rumors of Foppa landing in Detroit, while jibblescribbits discusses the pros and cons of a potential return of Peter the Great to Denver.


The ex-Avalanche theme continues, as Joe profiles some favorite former Avalanche players at MHH: Mike Keane, Stephane Yelle and my personal fave, Adam Deadmarsh.

It's not all about looking backward. Jori at avsprospects points us to several articles about future Avalanche stars. There's's article about Colorado's not-so-bare-"cubbard". And Rick Sadowski's look at some of the participants of the recent development camp. Finally, there's Jori's own article on Colorado's 2006 entry draft - the first in a series.

Meanwhile, at MHH, I took a look at the Avs defensemen on the powerplay.

Finally, jibblescribbits points us to some dopey Islander fan who prefers Bill Guerin to Ryan Smyth because of - get this - playoff performance. I'm assuming he missed all of San Jose's playoff games. Lucky for us, NBC liked the fan so much, they hired him to be their new studio analyst.

Anything I'm missing, give me a shout.