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Desperation, thy name is Kevin Lowe.

There have been a lot of headlines since the start of free agency on July 1st. But the recent attempt of the Oilers to sign Thomas Vanek is something too outrageous to make up. GM Kevin Lowe of Edmonton offered restricted free agent Vanek a seven year, 50 million dollar contract. No, that isn't a typo nor a product of my horrible grammatical prose. The kicker is that in addition to the heavy salary, Edmonton would have to give up four first round draft picks because Vanek is a restricted free agent. No one outside of Crosby is worth that kind of price and I'd bet Buffalo may have even considered letting him go. However Buffalo has already taken it's punishment with the loss of both co-captains and promptly announced that they've matched the offer.

May I be the first to suggest that Francois Giguere offer Milan Hejduk to Edmonton for Andrew Cogliano and ten first round draft picks.